The Mom behind the Blog

Hey I’m Michelle! I’m 31 years old, live in a small town 10 minutes from the home I grew up in with my two boys, husband, dog and cat.


I am so grateful for the chance to write and share our life with you and connect to other families who may have similar stories and dreams. My hope is that no matter how different we are from each other, that you can find a little of yourself in our story.

I am constantly referred to as the hippy or earthy one in the group. I love whole foods, I just finished sipping on a delicious turmeric latte, I eat mostly plant based without feeling restricted simply because I love it, I don’t follow mainstream medicine for the most part; I am a shaved my head, babywearing, co-sleeping, gentle parenting mala bead wearing yoga loving kinda mom … I’m pretty much a walking stereotype.

But I’ll be honest, I never planned to be this mom. I never planned to be so different. I didn’t anticipate that how I would be and how we would raise our family would be so different from the majority of people. But I also didn’t realize there’s a large group of people similar to me that also feel alone in the way we live.

But I am this mom, and I love it. I was not the girl who thought about having a family and how she would raise them. Not once. Not ever. But now it’s my whole world. It’s my passion in every way, and interestingly, I find bits of myself in moms very different from myself . So I plan to make this place a space to connect with all kinds of moms, not just moms like me in the way I live my life, but moms like me in the sense that we are all in the trenches together.

Mom’s who yelled today and wish they hadn’t. Mom’s who fed the kids corn dogs for lunch because they’re too exhausted to cook. Mom’s who wish they had more sex but choose sleep more often than not because, refer to previous point.

Vegan, vaccinating, non vaxxing, meat eating, organic food loving, boxed food buying, reading, iPad and TV giving, we are all on a similar path.

It is my aim to encourage you through sharing my own journey into homeschooling, full time RV living and raising boys and being very real and raw throughout.

My boys I will refer to as Booga Man and the Chubb McGrubb. No real reason, we’re just weird nick name people.

Our Lilly girl

We’re that family; we’re loud, we’re messy but we’re happy.

Mental health has been an ongoing battle in my marriage and in parenting, having had post partum depression and anxiety, we’ve fought hard to get where we are. I hope to share some of our marriage journey and tips for moving through hard times, and how to navigate the hard times without killing each other.

We aren’t rich, but we have enough. I love to talk budgeting, so I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of our debt free in 2021 plans, failures and successes.


I like my tea strong (tea bag in, holla), we don’t always wear clothes or brush our hair, kids can climb on the table to jump off, podcasts are life, and love is plenty.

I’m just that momma, it’s so lovely to meet you.


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