Here’s to More Sex in 2017

Wait what?

Yep. It’s a subject I’m actually personally a little bit passionate about, especially now that I have kids. It’s important and yet no one talks about it. Or if it’s talked about it’s crude or man bashing or wife shaming.

I’m not into that.

Sex is awesome and when we were first married, we were really happy with how many times we had sex. We both felt our average was right for us and if we got more, awesome. But it wasn’t a chore by any means.

Then enter kids and anxiety and post partum depression. Let’s just say sex took a hit that first kid. It was really hard to emotionally enter a place where I wanted to give love, when I struggled to feel joy at all. How could my heart be open to someone else when I couldn’t even sense it in myself?

Enter my patient and kind husband. I look at him and my heart just melts when I think of how much he has waited for me.

He waited for me to be open to dating him, he waited to have sex with me until we were married, he waited for me to be clear of pain after child birth both times and he’s waited for me through a long and arduous journey from sleep exhaustion and depression into health and fitness.

What a strong and gentle man. And roll your eyes and don’t believe me, but we are very open when we talk about sex in of our marriage and when I say he waited for me, I mean he waited for me. He didn’t take it upon himself to fulfill his needs on his own. You can talk to him about it, that’s his story, it’s not this story.

A year ago this month, I entered into a community of health, fitness and group accountability; I started drinking Shakeology and working out 3x a week and life changed immediately.

I was pregnant with our second but I couldn’t believe how much joy in sex there was again! Before, I cried. A lot. I know, sexy right? But I couldn’t get out of my own head. I couldn’t quiet it down and focus on the moment and often times we had to stop so my husband could soothe my heart. I had so much guilt and frustration over not enjoying sex but there’s something really important to remember, he never gave up on me, and I never stopped saying yes.

No I didn’t say yes all the time, but I made a point to make sure to say yes even if I didn’t feel like it.

So to go from that, to fun and free sex again and enter baby number 2.

Oh man does sex ever get hard (lol). I mean if your kids sleep, maybe it’s not so hard … but ours don’t do that thing so well. So our nights are short, I mean like 8 or 9 is when they’re both down and we’re in bed by 10 … there’s no chance for spontaneity at all and I gotta be honest sex on a time crunch isn’t that easy for me to get into.

I meal prep, exercise, running a business helping other women get healthy and I have a two year old and a 5 month old touching me all. day. long. By 9:30 PM when I am exhausted and he’s exhausted there’s little room for romance.

BUT … at 5.5 months we are finally getting back into a groove, which is a far from from the 18 months it took after the first, and I credit that 100% to healthy eating, exercise and shakeology.

It’s no doubt we all feel a little more randy when we’re feeling really good about ourselves. Eating healthy lends itself to better moods and more energy which hello, more sex. Exercise helps us ditch that extra weight that makes us feel sluggish and not like ourselves and when we’re feeling great about ourselves hello, more sex.

I’m not saying you need to be skinny or have a flat stomach to feel good about yourself!

Just get your 30 minutes of exercise in in a day and I PROMISE you you’ll feel incredible regardless of the results. It’s empowering and life giving and yes, you’ll have more sex.

And 2017 is about to get a whole lot easier to get your sex-ercise in 😉

My company is now offering YEAR LONG memberships to UNLIMITED online streaming of our workout programs for an amazing price.

This means, me included, we get unlimited access to all programs running, all programs to be announced throughout the year AND THE NUTRITION GUIDES.

No more excuses.

You can use the app on your ipad or iphone, you can access it on your smart TV, ROKU, Apple TV and you can even download workouts onto your device to take offline and outside in the summer. Yoga in the park? Yes please.

You can also print off each nutritional guide giving you a ton of different recipes and meal plans until you find what BEST suits you and your lifestyle and goals and you get me as your free coach the entire time to help you figure it all out and motivate you throughout the year as well as unlimited access to my monthly challenge groups.

And most importantly, and near and dear to my heart, you get a 30 day supply of Shakeology to support your nutrition and help you with stress, nutrient deficiencies, gut health and so much more with the option to have it on Home Direct shipping.

So here’s to more sex in 2017 as a results of getting healthy, losing weight, being less anxious and having more energy.

I’m so excited to start working out in the evenings with my man in January … because post workout sex is the bomb.

You’re welcome.

What do you think? Has life gotten in the way of your sex life and enjoying your partner fully? Or have you experienced how amazing exercise is for your sex drive and relationships in general? Let me know in the comments and use the contact me tab to get in touch for more details on the all access challenge pack available December 27th – February 28th 2017




3 thoughts on “Here’s to More Sex in 2017

  1. 1) I did not have to approve this comment

    2) If you know me, a simple text message to clarify the information would suffice over an anonymous message accusing me.

    3) If you don’t like an opinion you see on the internet, move on. Plus isn’t it like, 2016 or something? Like isn’t there this big movement about accepting people’s beliefs and accepting them? hmm.

    4) I never said I waited for marriage to have sex. I said HIM AND I WAITED. Not sure why this bothers you so much or how it affects my ability to help people get fit but to each their own. So yes, you are right keyboard warrior, I was not a virgin. But my husband and I DID make a commitment to one another DESPITE our past.

    And on a post about depression and sex and overcoming, you completely missed the mark.


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