A Wedding Vow

Day 8 post partum

Dear body;

I solemnly swear to love you, even when I don’t like you. 

I promise to always speak kindly to you even when I’m angry; to use my words to build you up instead of tear you down. 

I promise to treat you right, and always be grateful for the life you give me. 

I promise to take care of you well into old age so we can run and laugh and play;

I promise to look past your flaws and see only the good things you have done for me and my family. 

I promise to give you my best even if I don’t think you’re giving me your best back. 

And I promise, on the days I like you least, to remember the work you have done and continue to do for me every single day, and to take a deep breath and let go of my unrealistic expectations of you, and simply be together. 

I promise to not miss out on anything life has to offer on account of my relationship with you, and I promise to work equally hard for you as you do for me. 

Until death do we part. 


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