On Having Enough Time

Let’s face it, life is busy. Ask anyone!

“Hey how’s it going! How’s life?!” “Oh man busy! Good but busy!”

It seems like everyone’s life is run for them and we are simply subject to its whimsy, finding little to no time for our passions, desires or specifically to me, fitness.

I am a mom of one very busy, anti sleeping 20 month old boy. I am pregnant with my second, due June 29, 2016 and I work part time as a hairstylist, pursuing a full time career out of fitness coaching and all the while trying to get out for play dates, appointments, clean the house and be a wife. Yes, I say it all the time. I am busy.

But what about me? Where am I left in all this? Or maybe better yet, where did I leave me?

I often catch myself being a victim of life and it’s a pretty rotten trap to be caught in.

What have I been a victim of lately?

  1. My son doesn’t sleep, you really have no idea how hard it is; I just can’t workout or do anything when it’s like this.
  2. I just don’t know how to clean the house so well. It’s just not who I am. 
  3. My toddler is very strong willed, spirited and busy. I just can’t get anything done.
  4. I work nights.
  5. I work Saturdays and Sunday’s are busy with church etc I just can’t meal prep that day…

Holy pity party! I want to unfriend myself just reading that!

I have a news flash for everyone including myself; are you ready?

Things just aren’t that bad. 

There. I said it. Sure it may be different than others circumstances, and yes, some of your circumstances are truly very hard, but for the majority of, taking a look back at our lives instead of looking at everyone else’s…is it that bad? Couldn’t it be worse? Are things really that hard? Or are we simply falling into the trap of it being so easy not to do?

Bingo. It’s just so easy not to do.

Or maybe it is the bad. Maybe things are so hard and so busy that you’re completely run down and have no ability to think how on earth you might add in fitness. That was my reality a few months ago. Things felt so out of control; my life wasn’t my own, it ran and I had to keep up or get run over, and typically I was caught under the wheels being dragged along. Until I realized I have a choice. 

If things are that hard, that bad…maybe I should work even harder at investing some time back into myself. There’s a novel concept.

This revelation has shifted my entire thought life on exercise to the point where bad days actually push me to workout. They push me to find and make time, not just wander around moping that it’s gone. It’s time to stop being a victim of the busy life. To stop being a victim of motherhood. I just read a blog detailing how hard it is working out with two kids and why it falls to the side because working out with a toddler is “impossible” but I’m here to say it’s not.

It comes down to your why, and is it strong enough!?

If your why is strong enough, you won’t let life get in the way of your own health.

You won’t let it.

A friend said this to me the other day:

Events + Response = Outome. 

You can’t control the events in your life, but you alone decide your response and that gives you control over the outcome. 

Yesterday I discovered something amazing. If I set reminders in my phone that go off every day at the same time to get my workouts done first thing, I suddenly had all this ‘free time’.

I wasn’t dying to fit me time in all day, rushing everything just to squeeze in a coffee by myself or read a book…I had already taken care of myself so that I could fully give myself to my friend and my son out at the park that day. Now that is a gift worth giving to my family.

I’ve discovered this little secret … you need to give time to get time.

If I give myself my 30 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of personal developement (currently reading The Slight Edge) every day, I get so much time back.

The rewards to working out daily run far deeper than the rewards of a lifted butt and obliques on fleek (what did I just say?).

So if you think you just can’t possibly find another minute in the day to workout, ask yourself, are you being a victim to life?

If the answer is yes, it’s time to give a little to you, to get some time back. Reclaim your life. Live it on your terms.

It is not selfish for a mother to take time to workout (and yes, I’ve heard this). To do something that feeds her soul every day. If you tell me “I have my priorities straight, I would rather spend time raising my kids than focusing on a six pack” then good for you for knowing what’s important to you but don’t you dare let anyone tell you that investing in yourself is selfish.

Mommas, you can’t serve tea with an empty pot.

Your family needs you to spend time on yourself, whatever that looks like. NEEDS. 30 minutes a day exercising is not in any way shape or form me neglecting my kids for the vain results of a six pack. If you think you’d need to neglect all of life to make fitness a priority, you’re definitely in the wrong programs. My programs take 30 minutes. Front to back. At home. Anyone can do that.

I love myself.

And because I love myself, I give to myself.

And because I give to myself, I can give to my family in the fullest way possible.

We all want to give more to our families, but the key ingredient here is finding a way to give back to yourself, and we all have enough time for that.




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