You Don’t Need Me

I honestly don’t believe every single person on the face of the planet needs what I have. Many people have found success in health and fitness, found what works for them, and are killing it. And some of you honestly don’t want what I have …

And I LOVE it.

You see, I just want people to be fit and healthy and happy, and if y, I want to help.

I found what works for me and MY family. But there are literally thousands of options out there. Thousands. Of all price ranges. And the truth is, maybe we’re not a good fit for you.

Whaaaaat? Did she just say that? Yea…I did. I know this to be a fact.

I’m really not looking for everyone under the sun to join me. In fact, I’m a bit selective about those I reach out to. I want to run with the willing. Some days we are all a bit unwilling, and that’s ok, but I can’t drag you to success. You have to get up and walk at some point.

You have to do the work. 

I’m looking for someone who’s ready to make a change. I don’t need your perfection, I just need you to show up. To be honest, to dig deep, and to bare your soul a little bit. Because we’re going to get a little deep. I’m not going to one size fits all you. I’m going to get to know you. Get to know your goals. To make them mine. To plant myself next to you and water you until you’re ready to grow on your own. And I’m going to be honest when I tell you, yes, you need this. Because I’m your coach. Not your babysitter.

I’m not saying you need to be working out 5x a week when we start. I just need someone who expects to work. Who doesn’t expect me to have a magic formula. It’s not magic.

It’s simply nutrition + fitness + support = success.

Note that only ONE PART of that equation involves me. Support.

The rest is up to you.

So know that I won’t knock on your door and make you press play. You gotta want it.

I’m looking for someone who’s completely fed up with the way things are, and who is willing to try something different. Even if it scares them. To commit wholeheartedly, and if at the end they want to keep going, wicked. If not, but they saw success that they carry with them for the rest of their life? AH-mazing.

I did my job.

I’m looking for someone who has a passion for their future, not just their summer.

Maybe you’re not there yet, but you want to be. I’m looking for you.

I don’t think everyone on earth needs a six pack to be fit and healthy. That is not the goal.

I don’t think everyone on earth needs to work out 6x a week and eat on perfect meal plan forever.

do think everyone on earth needs to find some level of fitness 3x a week. Even if it’s just walking.

do think everyone needs to nourish their body with good things and not eat junk all, or even half of the time.


do think everyone could benefit from the programs and supplements we use…why would I do them if I didn’t? Just like you can benefit from walking … I support that too by the way.

But I don’t walk around thinking everyone needs me.

Everyone needs something.  Maybe I can help you find that something.

Maybe I can help you turn that something into income. Into a business.

Maybe I can help you turn that something into joy over depression. Into self love over self hate even if you aren’t a size 2 at the end of it. Into whatever you want it to turn into.

Your goals, are my goals. If you want me.

This is the last call for the March 21st challenge group.

But this is the first call for just two people.

Two people who want to see if they can make this a real business for themselves, and a real lifestyle.

You’ll be personally mentored by me and my coach in business, personal development and health and fitness.

If you’re interested in joining our challenge group, or in joining my team, send an email with either

“Challenge ready!”


“Business builder!”

as your subject to  and join us at Rise and Grind Fitness, where we rise up from our former selves, and we sweat and push and grind together.


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