Lose the Mirror

Pictured is me 38 weeks pregnant with my first, followed by 2 weeks post C Section, followed by roughly 5 months post partum.

Here I am again, pregnant with my second



And to be honest, the girl I see in the photos, and the woman I FEEL like, don’t reflect in what I see in the mirror.

I’m working hard. I’m eating well. I’m doing all the right things.

Yet my reflection LIES to me. In my reflection I see love handles. I’m carrying differently with this baby, and it’s frustrating. I want to be the girl who’s “all belly” and I want to have nothing added on my sides like I see other fit moms with.

But the truth is, we can all find a flaw in the mirror.

We can all tell each other how amazing we look and how tiny or perfect we’re carrying, but it doesn’t matter, because when we come home and look at our reflection, we see a distorted image.

My goal is to challenge that image. My challenge groups are designed around CHANGE. They’re designed around a lifestyle shift, and change in perception on who you thought you could be versus who you are.

This reflection I see isn’t me. It’s an image my mind has created, one bombarded by media, to tell me that I’m still not good enough. I’m still not working hard enough.

And it’s crap.

My challenge to you all is to lose the mirror.

Yes, please take measurements and before and after photos, so you can appreciate your hard work, but if you look at them and cut yourself down and berate yourself, never look at them again until you can speak love to them.

My challenge to myself is to look in the mirror and say there’s a warrior.


I want to see someone who works hard and loves her body and treats it well regardless of the results.

It is hard. I’m watching my body get bigger and change in ways opposite of what the typical gym junkie gets to see. But instead I challenge everyone to look PAST the mirror, and look inward.

How’s your mind? Do you FEEL good? Do you have more energy? Can you breathe better? Can you walk further? Can you play longer?

These are my real goals. Strength. Vitality. Life and life abundantly.

Abs, toned legs, those are byproducts.

The real work is done on the inside.

So everyone joining me for the 30 Day Challenge starting March 21st;

Lose the mirror and focus on the real gains.


Rise and grind my friends, here’s where the real work begins.

Details at michrgross@gmail.com


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